5 Tips For Creating A Sanctuary In Your Bedroom

You spend a surprising amount of time in your bedroom every day, which is why it should be a space that creates a sense of calm as soon as you enter. Sometimes, choosing the right elements for a well-designed bedroom may seem like an impossible task. By following a few basic rules you can create your own safe space that looks like it belongs in the pages of your favourite decor magazine.

Keep items practical yet stylish

When you first start thinking about the layout of your bedroom it is important to think of the furniture that you are going to use in your space. Although it is tempting to go for highly ornate options, these rarely offer you ease of use as they place form over function. Instead, it is better to go for simple pieces that are useful yet appealing to look at. A chest of drawers, for example, provides plenty of space for storage while also being attractive to look at. You could even place your framed pictures and decorative items on the surface. You may also want to opt for a bed frame that has extra drawers or a stacked bookcase. These items add to the aesthetic value of the room while also giving you a space to keep all of your items organised.

Think Neutral

Although it might be a popular option to decorate rooms in rich jewel tones it might be best to save this for other spaces in your home. Rich colours and textures are not conducive to a good night’s rest as they stimulate your senses. To create the ideal atmosphere in your bedroom, it is best to opt for neutral colours. Think cream colours, pastels or soft earth tones. Not only do these kinds of colours keep you calm before bed but they also help to warm up the space. However, it is important to remember that there is nothing wrong with a few pops of colour. Choose bright scatter pillows for your bed to create an accent that adds to the appeal of the neutral walls and bedding.

Furniture placement is important

When designing your bedroom it is easy to disregard the importance of furniture placement. Where you place large items like your bed, chest of drawers and other items has a significant impact on the flow of your bedroom. It might be tempting to place your bed directly across your windows, but if you have a door on the side of your bed, your room may appear small and cluttered. Generally, the rule of thumb is to place your bed in such a way that visitors are greeted by the foot end even if this means that your window is on the side of the bed. Next, you should place any drawers or shelves on the adjacent wall. For a finishing touch add a small stool or bench at the end of your bed. Just make sure that it is no higher than your bed.

Bedroom table and lamp

Soft furnishings are important too

Your bed, shelves and drawers are the bones of your bedroom but the sheets and pillows in your bedroom are equally important. Investing in linens, scatter pillows and rugs add dimension. They also help to make your bedroom look more comfortable, which is exactly what you need for the room you sleep in. Keep linens neutral as they are easier to care for and match with the other items in your room. However, you can use throws, scatter pillows and rugs to add your favourite textures. These are also easy to switch out as decor trends change throughout the seasons.

Use lighting wisely

A common mistake when designing a bedroom is to only include a single light source in the room. If this is an overhanging light, it can be even more problematic. Not only does this cause an atmosphere that is too bright. It could also result in issues when bedtime rolls around if you have to get up to switch off the lights. A better option is to include several different lights in your bedroom. This could include a ceiling light, a standing lamp and a few table lamps. With more than one option, you can switch on the brighter lights when you are busy and switch to your bedside lamps when you want to add a touch of romance to your room. You could even add a few strings of fairy lights to your headboard for a whimsical addition that is second to none.


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  1. My objective is to come up with a peaceful, attractive and private refuge for sleep plus space. I am working on that, and I liked all your tips. I enjoyed the visualisation and sharing the way you generate a sanctuary for relaxation and sleeping. I am eyeing besides sleep to as well set up a reading and reflection spot inside the bedroom. I would like to hear more suggestions. Thanks for sharing.

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