Top Indoor Christmas Decorations

I’m not one for climbing a ladder to put Christmas lights around the outside of my house. I have a fear of heights. But it doesn’t mean I ignore the twinkling lights that are synonymous with the holiday season. No, I bring the lights inside and scatter them about. Check out these brilliant indoor Christmas lighting ideas if you want to add a little glitter to your home.

A lit Christmas tree will brighten up your walls.

Why not make a Christmas tree out of string lights and hang it on the wall? This stylish décor is a fantastic way to save space in a small apartment or dorm room where a Christmas tree is out of the question. Create the form using sticky hooks, then embellish with felt star decorations and twinkling lights to create a pleasant Christmas ambiance in your space.

Lighted branches on the wall

Lighted branches may give a lot of character to a wall. It’s double the pleasure since you get to go on a trek first to look for some unusually shaped branches. Then, when you go home, paint them white and wrap lights around them to construct your own inexpensive DIY lit branches. To make the lights blend in better, use white lighting wires instead of green ones. And, of course, some ornaments to round off the look!

Use burlap garland lighting

Do you want to update your interior Christmas lighting with a new garland? Mini lights and burlap are all you’ll need! That’s right, and it’s that simple. Wrap colorful burlap strips around the wire. Voila! With a lit burlap garland, you may decorate the mantel, tree, or door frame. This décor is an effortless project that even your children could assist with.

Use bright Christmas marquee

What’s not to like about the gentle glow of candles and Christmas illumination indoors? Isn’t it wonderful to decorate the mantle with a festive and colorful Christmas marquee? Make a wooden backboard, buy chipboard letters and paint them sparkly gold, drill holes for the string lights to go through from the back, then tape the string of lights in place from behind! I had no clue it was that simple. This DIY should be on your holiday to-do list!

Christmas lights inside your wine bottles

This theme is an excellent technique for recycling wine bottles. First, decorate your wine bottles with paint, stencils, or vinyl, and then add a strand of tiny colored lights to give them a lovely Christmas glow. This bottle doesn’t require proof of age! A shelf full of them would bring a lot of glitz and warmth to your Christmas décor.


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