Under stairs ideas to help use the space under your stairs

Utilizing maximum space in your home and still maintaining your stylish decorations can be intense at times. Here are some of the under stair ideas to help you use the space.

Under stairs storage

Utilize the space as a storage unit. Under the stairs, the area can help you store your tools, or you can use it to keep your groceries, baking ingredients, and more behind a sliding barn door. Freshen up your stuffed kitchen by using storage under stairs—a closed storage to keep all the things appropriately arranged in there.


Pets rooms

Building a pet’s room under your stairs help utilize that particular space. You can make a pet room or put a pet bed under the stairs to create a safe place for your pets. You can also use the under stairs storage as a pets closet where you can store your pet’s foods, medicines, pet kit, leash, and other pet-care products separately from other items of your house.


Under stairs shoe storage install a shoe rack

Under stairs shoe storage allows you to display your collection of stylish and daily clothes, shoes in a spacious shoe rack or storage instead of leaving them all over.

You can make drawers below the stairs and efficiently store your shoes. If you like trendy, fashionable shoes, you must have a shoe rack to maintain your shoes and your room simultaneously.


Wine cellar

If you don’t mind having a small bar or a wine cellar corner in your house, use it under your stairs as a minibar. You will only need to convert this space into a cellar by installing wooden racks to hold the liquor safely. If the area is big enough, you can add a small bar table and high chairs or stools. Making a wine connoisseur is among the under stairs storage ideas.


Install bookshelves

Knowledge is power and having a home library is one of the many ways to keep your mind to toes. For bibliophiles, your overflowing stock of books can be well held. Storage under your stairs will keep their books safe and protected. The idea is beneficial in storing collectable and limited edition books to keep them safe from the attack of mites and dust. Design the space with bookshelves to hold your books and allow proper air circulation to avoid books dumpish. You can also check out Tylko’s article about under stairs ideas (https://journal.tylko.com/6-creative-ideas-how-to-use-space-under-the-stairs/).

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