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Interior design is more than just the layout, furniture arrangement, and paint colour. It involves combining several design elements that complement each other and balance the entire interior. Despite covering the largest areas of any room, wall decorations are often under-utilised. There is more to walls than just a coat of paint.

You can add art to your walls and turn your bare walls into the focal point of the room. Choose the right type of wall art, strategic locations to place them, and it becomes the piece that draws the attention of your visitors.

If you’re not sure what to choose as your wall hangings, here are some ideas:

1. Mirrors

The use of mirrored walls was a popular interior design trend back in the 70s and the 90s. For the most part, mirrored walls are outdated, but you can embrace them and instead make them part of your interior design.

For example, you can get a mirror that covers about a quarter of the wall and instead of having a frame and allow your creativity to rule. Try out several ideas, such as fun patterns using fabric trim or decorative wood moulding. Play around with several patterns until you have a unique and eye-catching pattern. You can also paint on top of the mirror. Picture your mirror as a canvas and get creative.

2. Living walls

Living walls are seen as the ideal way to bring a little bit of outdoors indoors. This wall decor idea allows you to transform your walls into small gardens where you can plant your favourite herbs.

For example, you can install a vertical garden on one of your bathroom walls to add a spa effect. You can also try the same on the staircase wall. If that doesn’t work, you can try a minimalist living wall in your meditation room. Another idea would be a vertical garden in your living room. The vertical garden would be a work of art that’s full of colour, different plant variety, and boxed in a frame.

3. Chalkboard wall 

A chalkboard wall is a trend borrowed from country homes, and it’s fast becoming a notable feature in modern homes. A chalkboard wall is easy to create, provided you have decent painting skills. You can place a chalkboard anywhere from the living room to the kitchen and even outdoors.

Your preferences limit chalkboard designs and colours. Once you have a chalkboard, it becomes your canvas where you can draw art illustrations, keep notes, or allow your children to play with it.

Home improvement stores will have black chalkboard paint for about $10 or less. You can buy it and paint one wall in your farmhouse style kitchen. A black chalkboard wall will also look great in a small white kitchen. In the living room, you can paint a section of the wall and scribble a few things.

4. Gallery wall decoration

A blank wall always looks dull; however, you can change that by adding a few wall decorations. You can create a gallery and pin any form of art you prefer. It can be photography, frameless art, or porcelain art. Once you’ve got the pieces of art, arranging the pieces becomes a challenge.

You can play around with patterns such as spiral, centred, outer align, reflection, staircase, or nine-square.

5. Kids’ artwork 

Children are always drawing or painting, whether it’s at school, or at home. They have a creative side that they are eager to express, so let them do it and pin the resulting art on your walls. The artwork is free and only needs a few touches to look perfect.

Use a thrifted frame to turn your walls into a display for your kids’ artwork. This would be the ideal wall decor for living room.

6. Vintage signs 

Old signs often have rust spots and a few worn-out areas, which makes them uniquely suited for interior décor. Their price range depending on size and rarity. You can convert a dull looking sign into a conversation piece. It becomes the focal point of your interior décor and eliminates the need to focus too hard on other design elements.

Smaller signs with witty quotes can become wall decoration for bedroom.


Interior design is an art that requires perfection. You can have a room with perfect furniture and electronics but still, feel dull. Why? Because your walls don’t match your furniture or the desired feel of the room. Choosing the right ideas will help you create a room where every design element complements each other.

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  1. Wall art is one of the things that play a vital part in interior design. I did not know that there are such numerous cool wall décor designs you can employ featuring attractive designs. These are great ways to incorporate some flair to your home or office and put your individual touch on it. Now I have some delightful wall art concepts from this post. I am wholly motivated by the work. 😀 Thank you!

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