Mindfulness and Well Being Tips to Create Your Home Meditation Space

The hectic lifestyles we lead nowadays can often lead to burnout and stress, and one of the best ways to regularly escape the constant noise of the social world and pressure of work is by creating your own meditation space in the home. Wellness and mindfulness have become buzz words within all spheres of modern life, yet many people still fail to recognise that creating a calm, peaceful home environment can be the solution for a variety of stressors. What’s more, regular exercise, yoga, and meditation at home can be far more therapeutic when you’re in your own tailored space.

I don’t have space for a meditation room in my rental apartment

If you’re wondering how to go about creating a home meditation room or corner, this short guide will provide many of the answers. First off, you’ll need to identify available space to see just how much you can devote to your new well being zone.

Don’t worry if the cramped rental apartment you live in just doesn’t seem big enough for a meditation zone, because you can even dual zone any room to create the ambience needed for peace and zen reflections.  After all, it’s your life, and your home, and simply adding lots of greenery, lush plants and some colourful, big scatter cushions to any corner of the living space or bedroom can be enough to create the restful and revitalising space you need.  Then all you need do is simply light a few candles or burn aromatic oils, and as the flames flicker and shadows build your meditation zone is ready and waiting.

Your bath tub could be the ideal tool/accessory for home meditation  

Another great tip for smaller homes with tubs in the bathroom is to run a warm, scented bath and luxuriate in the tub for a while. Again, candles and aromatherapy oils could make all the difference to your well being experience, and provide you with the essential private space, and relaxation needed for a few moments of reflection and meditation.

Mindfulness in home styling to create relaxation and meditation zones

Mindful and conscious living and interior styling techniques can really be just as simple as noted in the above tips. In many ways, it’s all about taking a good look at your existing spaces and making the simple adjustments that can reduce stress and promote introspective thinking. More of the ways you can add mindful interior decor to your existing living spaces include:

  • adding natural textures and colours, such as earth tones, clay pots and planters, and soft ochre or pastel-toned fabrics
  • mix lush plants into your natural environment, for and instant mindful interior makeover
  • remove all signs of technology from your meditation zones, even ticking clocks can disturb your train of thought and phones or smart devices in areas like this are a definite no go
  • opening up spaces to add minimalist appeal that’s more conducive to relaxation

If your home has enough space for creating a room or zone totally devoted to mindfulness and meditation, feng shui styling and tips from top yoga practitioners can help ensure the most peaceful and relaxing experiences.

Top feng shui and yoga tips to style your home meditation room

Meditation is key to mastery within yoga practises, and creating a corner or room devoted to exercise and thinking will enhance your life enormously. Feng shui techniques like clearing away all clutter can also help you set up the home meditation zone or peaceful living environment you seek. Some top feng shui styling tips include:

  • encourage positive energy flow around your home by opening up spaces and creating furniture layouts that promote chi energy
  • place mirrors in the most appropriate feng shui inspired spaces
  • decorate your home with fresh flowers for instant energy uplifts
  • add water features to the home to increase energy levels

Adding an internal water feature to any meditation zone can be a really good way to promote introspection, as the sound of trickling or dripping water is an excellent meditation tool and will also add positive ions to the environment.

If you’re planning a yoga zone in the home, some of the essentials to incorporate within traditional yoga meditation areas include:

  • cushions and pillows
  • chimes
  • an altar
  • singing bowl
  • blanket
  • music player

And, finally if you have access to a garden or balcony, creating an outdoor meditation zone is another way to enhance your living space in a way that promotes well being. Even if your home is in a busy, noisy city centre environment, your outdoor meditation zone could still become an oasis of calm when decorated and styled in an appropriate manner.


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  1. I needed some useful tips to make a meditation area in my home. All of the spaces in your post were so inspiring, particularly the third one. These are great tips on making a great meditation space! I anticipate these tips shall motivate me into creating a beautiful at-home sanctuary wherein I can get into a quiet mood and dive deep in meditation; after all, that is where the mystic things transpire.

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