Layout Ideas To Convert Your Loft Into A Functional Space

Lofts are often underutilised in most homes and have no use other than storing boxes or Christmas lights. However, you can convert your loft into a functional space that can be a study room, playroom, game room, or bedroom.

Before you can convert your loft into anything you need to consider a few factors:

  1. Is the loft suitable for conversion – You might have the most impressive loft layout, but if your loft doesn’t have the right pitch angle and head height, it won’t work.
  2. Costs – have you considering what it will cost to make the necessary alterations? The loft will need a staircase, lighting, heating, insulation, skylights, fire safety measures, reinforcements, etc. If the loft has a head height lower than 2.2m, you will have to raise the roof.
  3. Building codes & permits – be sure to confirm whether the loft conversion will require a building permit from your local municipality. Also, consult the Homeowner’s Association of your neighbourhood.

Loft conversion ideas 

1. Convert it into a bedroom 

Before you can convert the space into a bedroom, you need to embrace its proportions. For example, is the space big enough to fit a master bed or a kid’s bed? If it’s small, you can reconfigure the layout to become a kid’s bedroom. You should have enough space for toys and a closet. This will leave you with sufficient space downstairs to turn into the ideal living space for you and your spouse.

If you don’t have kids, you can embrace the small space and make it cosy enough for you. Smaller spaces are naturally cosy compared to larger ones. Take advantage of this feel and divide your loft into smaller but comfortable spaces.

Pair warm woods with a light-coloured scheme to make the space feel larger.

2. Convert your loft into a bathroom

If the space is too small, you can convert it into a stylish bathroom. Embrace the awkward space and create a clever layout. Start by positioning the bath near the lower end of the loft. This will leave sufficient room for a full-height shower enclosure. Play around with the layout, and you’ll realise you have space for your bathroom storage. You can also get some wall mounted bathroom cabinets from Bed Bath & Beyond to conserve space.

3. Create a home office 

Does your home have enough bedrooms and bathrooms? If yes, why don’t you create a home office? This is a great idea, especially if you work from home. Unlike a bedroom or bathroom, a home office needs light to maximise productivity.

Redesign the layout such that there is plenty of light hitting your work area. Plan how you will run cables from your power point to your desk. You can buy a flexible plastic trunking and a power pack to charge your tech. You can also get the Powerwall from Tesla to serve as your home battery in case of a power outage.

Invest in a desk that’s suitable for your space. The desk should have sufficient working area for your computer or laptop. Tweak your layout to add a corner desk, thus allowing you to split your computer and paperwork. Add home office storage to reduce clutter in the office. Choose something functional and stylish.

You might also want to tweak your layout for additional accessories such as document shredders, printers, and scanners. Also, plan your cupboards to leave room for ornaments, treasured books, and other display items.

4. Walk-in wardrobe 

How much space do you have in your loft? If it’s not big enough to become a home office or bedroom, you might want to consider a walk-in wardrobe. Start by assessing your storage needs as well as preferences. How much storage do you need? Do you prefer folding or hanging your clothes? Also, factor in swimwear, handbags, makeup storage, jewellery, and shoe storage.

Opt for custom furniture to ensure that you utilise the available space. If you’ve very little space, get creative, and use an alcove.

Once you’ve decided on the layout and built the space, you can fill the space with the kind of furniture and décor you want. A loft is a unique space that is separate from the rest of the house. This means that you can design its interior to match your personality or the rest of the house. Your loft is like a blank canvas, and you can choose a design you like. The most preferred design for lofts is industrial lofts.​

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