How to Incorporate the Grey Colour to Create a Modern And Welcoming Home

The colour grey is neither bright nor dark, however, it works very effectively in bringing out the other colours in the room. Grey can be used to liven up every room of the house, or even tone it down. It is, in fact, one of the most preferred colours for bathrooms and the third most popular colour after black and white. There are many different ways the colour grey can be used in each room of the house. To give you some ideas, take a look at the following suggestions:

Grey for the living room

While some people may (wrongly) think that grey is a cold and grim colour, there are many warm grey tones that can be used in living rooms to improve their aesthetic appeal. To keep your interior design neutral and as simple as possible, opt for dark grey tones for a more elegant and exquisite look. Dark grey tones aren’t as intense as black, and they are more accepting to the eye. Such characteristics make them the desirable alternative to deeper and intimidating colours.

Grey can work just as well with dominating fixtures in the living room, such as dark blue sofas. Living rooms will also benefit from grey rugs and copper side tables to bring in light. They can be further enhanced by tropical plants and a granite fireplace top to give life to the living room.

To highlight a rustic-looking lounge, choose a mix of grey terracotta that blends white with black. For example, if your living room is in neutral colours, add a textured charcoal grey in the form of floor tiles alongside black cushions. In the evenings, TV watching can be a cosy experience with an LED-framed wall above the television, while the ceiling painted in grey will provide a dramatic effect.

Combine other colours with grey

The combination of grey and orange is particularly striking as these two colours perfectly complement each other. Grey and orange can be used in different rooms of the house, and they can be further enhanced by adding black and white elements to the interior décor.  The same can be said about magnolia, which is also an ideal combination with grey. Tip: if you are using lighter grey tones, consider blending them with a warm colour or with wooden furniture in order to achieve the right balance.

Invite grey to the bedroom

Grey may not be the first colour that comes to mind for the bedroom. But consider using different textures of grey to create a unique space. For example, a mix of green and grey duvet will create a natural look, while a large grey engraved headboard with four wooden panels will be the focal point of the bedroom. A cushioned bedframe with light grey mattress will work perfectly, and all this together with a striped charcoal rug to complete the bedroom’s interior design.

It’s also important to add small touches to bring life to the bedroom. This can be done by adding small elements of nature, such as wild flowers or exotic plants. And don’t forget the small amber lampshades on each side of the bed as a final touch.

A perfect colour for the bathroom

There is no denying the aesthetic appeal of marble in bathrooms. But to go one step further and give a wow factor to your bathroom, consider an all-grey theme with charcoal grey being the main focus. This colour can be in towel rails, cabinets, and even in bathroom ornaments. The backdrop of the bathtub can be in grey granite with the square-shaped chrome fixtures to complete the desired look.

And don’t forget the kitchen

Grey can make kitchens look fresh and modern as long as the right palette of grey is chosen. For a hint of warmth, choose chrome lighting that hangs from the ceiling. A kitchen countertop that’s entirely in black will work perfectly well with light grey cabinets and black acrylic stools.

Grey is here to stay

Contemporary homes are no longer decorated with common colours like white or magnolia. Grey is the next best thing for a touch of originality and elegance. Since there are hundreds of different shades of grey to choose from, home owners don’t have to settle for the monotonous beige or white anymore. Grey is a bold colour that can truly transform a home’s interior. Tip: when it comes to choosing the right finish for the walls and ceilings, use matt paint rather than high-gloss.

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  1. The light grey colour makes a room appear so warm and sophisticated. I have liked your tips and have begun to integrate some of them into my residence. My partner painted the laundry room Mindful Gray and is presently working on our bathroom in a similar colour. I am not able to decide if Mindful Gray shall be too dark for the living room, which doesn’t get lots of light – what you think? Anyway, I like following your blog.

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