How to Decorate the Interior of Your House for Christmas

1. Hang a Wreath on the Front Door

A wreath is usually hanged on the front door but the outside. Well, a wreath is the first thing that welcomes your visitors as well as gives a holiday mood. But, did you know you could do the same, but this time hang it on the inside?

The good thing is, it doesn’t have to be bulky as the one you’d place outside. Make a circle with wire and attach a curved wire with which you’ll hang the wreath. Get eucalyptus branches and curve them around the circular object. Add some cotton stalks, and there you have it, a wreath you can hang on the door.

Another way of having a wreath is by getting some twigs and a rope and make a shape of a wreath.

2. A Christmas Tree

Christmas tree in living room

Although you’re looking for new ideas, a Christmas tree is a traditional but a grand idea you shouldn’t leave out. But, to make it elegant, you can change from symmetrical kind of tree to asymmetrical. Set up a tree and decorate it. Maintain your colour scheme but try and match everything else in your house. If you’ve painted greyish or blue, put those colours on the tree. If your room is small to fit a tree, consider painting a 3-D tree.

Another alternative is to make a dowel Christmas tree. Ideally, you can turn the handbag or sweater stand near your door into a dowel tree. Hook small ball of various colours on the dowel and strategically place it where people can see it as they come to your house.

It’s essential to have multiple alternative so, another way of having a tree is getting several branches of different sizes and attaching then on a wall with the smallest on the top. Place the branches horizontally and make a tree-shaped illusion only that it will look like a Christmas tree.

3. Decorating Your Staircase

Bannisters and the staircase need a Christmas touch too. This exercise will be involving and fun. It calls for your creativity too. Wrap foliage or hedge trimmings on bannisters. String a light through to give it a cosy effect. Add baubles too. Alternatively, if you don’t have any of these, consider artificial garlands.

Another way of decorating the staircase area is by placing candles in a glass. Place one on the first stair and another after probably the third case. Be creative; check what works for your house.

4. Kitchen

A kitchen is a place one spends, especially during the festive season. You, therefore, have to make it look lovely as well. The shelves, console table, and window sill need to feel festive. Twigs on a vase could work too. It doesn’t have to be rocket science. Implement easy ideas and make group breaking decorations. Remember to maintain a theme colour.

5. Living Room

You see that place you’ll be sitting while you share your stories and how your year has been, it needs decoration. It needs to feel cosy, home, and leave your guests with good memories. Start by changing the cushion covers to something that looks festive. Check the H&M’s cushions range and pick something that matches your theme.

Another thing to place in the living room is paper decoration. They come different colours and shapes, but the most common one is a sphere. They look fantastic, and you can check some from Paper Dreams.

6. Dining Table

Another place you can’t forget to address is the dining table. First, you can make the wreath as the centrepiece of the dining table. Secondly, get some oranges and stud them with cloves. You can place them in a glass jar, but remember to add some crushed ice on the bottom. This pomander will generate sweet scent and is a sightful decoration.

7. Take Away

Ta-daaa, have you covered all the places you were planning to decorate this Christmas? Well, the above tips should help you with deciding on where and how to decorate your space. This will work for you whether you’ve shopped decorative tools earlier or not because they are readily available. Moreover, you can customize some of the items in your house to make Christmas decorations. Merry Christmas or what you’d call happy festive!


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  1. Wow, there are so many creative ideas for Christmas on the blog! 😀 Christmas is one of the most beautiful moments of the year! Plus, to see some of those brilliant ideas here make me feel so excited to try almost all! I admire the blog and the motivation that turns a household to home alongside with your generous, warm words of reassurance. I wish you and all of the fantastic blog readers a Merry Christmas!

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