Don’t Let Lockdown Get You Down! Declutter Your Home Using These Brilliant Storage Solutions Today

If the coronavirus lockdown is getting you down, why not take inspiration from Marie Kondo’s minimalist approach and declutter your living space? It’s not absolutely essential to tackle this declutter/re-organise/storage activity in exactly the same way as Kondo, however, upgrading your home storage and organising all your belongings during this worrying and stressful period of lockdown is sure to bring the joys of a job well done!

You’ll probably be astounded by just how many things you’ve squirrelled away over the years, and re-arranging all your goodies is sure to give your mood a lift and also open up more space around the home.

Some of the best tips to get rid of clutter and create orderly storage in the home include:


Typically time poor workers experiencing lockdown at home are discovering how enjoyable spending time in their kitchens can be. Whether the time is used for the creation of Bake Off style cakes and breads or preparation of gourmet meals, upgrading kitchen storage to increase work space is another essential. Some of the best kitchen storage and organisation solutions to consider include:

  1. Kitchen cupboards offer up even more storage space when added shelving is fitted. It’s also an easy matter to add DIY racks for spices and other products to the inside of any cabinet door, and this increases available shelf space even more!
  2. A magnetic strip fitted to the wall of any kitchen prep area is a great storage solution for all kitchen knives, reducing any requirement for a knife block.
  3. Opt for square storage containers in glass or plastic to increase available storage in fridges, freezers, or on shelves.

Living rooms

Decluttering the living space may be the most essential task for many people during this long period of coronavirus lockdown. Particularly if it’s necessary to make room for a desk or home office space. If you’re working from home or on a long coronavirus furlough, these simple tips can help you create the peaceful and tidy living space which also offers essential flexibility for home working.

Being in control of your living space can be a real morale booster, and that’s particularly important for anyone feeling distress or anxiety about Covid-19. What’s more, once you’ve organised your living space it will really enhance feelings of well being, helping to ensure this period of self isolation isn’t so very bad. The following simple tips can help create the home work space needed during the lockdown:

  1. Take a good look at all the possessions and belongings kept in the living room, and sort out anything that really doesn’t need to be there. You can store these items away until after lockdown, then either take them to a charity shop or put them back on display at a later date.
  2. Your media storage unit is the ideal place for keeping vinyls, so if you haven’t already got a vinyl storage unit take the time to catalogue all your records and build your own records storage unit under the TV or in the media storage section of your bookcase.
  3. The dining table could be the perfect desk unit for home working during lockdown, and all work equipment and accessories can be tidied away quickly if they’re kept on a large tray. Pens, pencils, notepads, phone books, and reference resources can all be stored on the tray, then tidied away once work is completed for the day. That way you won’t need to invest in a home desk, and all your essential work equipment is close to hand when it’s required.

Declutter and organise your living spaces today!

Working from home can be extremely rewarding for many people, particularly when the work space is defined and a routine is in place. It’s also easier to cope with having the kids at home when living spaces are organised and free of clutter. Choosing the right storage solutions is one way to ensure all essentials are to hand when required, and stored out of sight when not needed.

Take the time to decide whether you need to invest in square storage containers, a magnetic knife strip, additional kitchen cabinet shelving, or a spacious vinyl storage unit to make your life easier during this period of lockdown. You certainly won’t regret the time and energy put into decluttering and organising the home!


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