Clever Ways to Decorate a Fireplace

As the days get colder and the nights creep in slowly, snuggling around the fireplace becomes an essential part of enjoying the season. Some people perceive a fireplace as a functional part of simply heating the house. But it is also a decorative section that deserves to be accessorised. You can make it a focal point. Style your hearthside to perfection with these interior design tips.

1. Pretty Foliage

Cute foliage harvested from hedgerows can adorn a fireplace. Apart from being pretty they double as kindling materials when they dry up. Eucalyptus, yew, rose hips, and ivy are great ideas for decorating a fireside.

2. Patterned Tiles

The best materials for hearth tiles should have the capacity to cope with extreme heat. Ceramic tile is durable enough and the thicker model is highly recommended. Porcelain, glass, and metal tiles are the other great materials. Glass tile is a stunner as it has reflective qualities with a romantic flair. Metallic designs offer a rustic appeal while Moroccan tiles provide an eye-catching geometric pattern with a bohemian vibe. They can be a mood setter, equally strong and beautiful. For a more natural look, stone tile is the best.

3. Antique Trophy Head

This rustic adornment is an alternative solution for artwork above the fireplace. Whether carved from wood or metal, it becomes a chic addition to interiors in coastal-cool designs. If the trophy head is small enough, it can stand on the shelf at a particular angle. To create an eclectic look, three or more overlapping pieces are just perfect.

4. Bold Colour for Brick Fireplace

Painting an old brick hearthside with an unexpected hue pulls off a statement look. The idea is to tint traditional brick furnace rather than painting it with thick flat colour. Every brick is brushed with homemade colour wash. Before drying, the excess tint is wiped away with clean material.

5. Shelving

A fireplace that is no longer in use can be repurposed to store books and other reading materials. When used as a shelf, it fills the empty space with beautiful displays.

6. Statement Mirror

This is a tried-and-tested option for transforming the fireside into the main point of interest in the house. A statement mirror-like the baroque gilt Italian frame should make a huge impact. In a contemporary indoor space, a big sunburst mirror makes an eye-catching option.

7. Marble Slab

A charcoal marble slab transforms a typical fireplace into a head-turner in the house. The hearth pad should feature the same marble slab to create a complementary effect.

8. Box Clever

It is very practical to stack logs below the log burner. The design is the basis for a hearth. The gaps are filled with firewood that is arranged systematically. The same idea applies to an unused fireplace,

9. Illumination

One of the best ways to give a cosier look to a fireplace is through mood lighting. This can be achieved by sconce light suspended on the walls over the mantel. Alternatively, candles can be placed on a shelf above the fireplace.

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  1. At the outset, I wish I had a mantel inside our bedroom to beautify! This is stunning. I love the manner you broke down the pieces of advice to make designing a mantel so modest! This post as well offers you the inspiration to see the fireplace mantel in an entirely new light! I will follow these steps to focus this elegant spot in my residence and make it the focal point that it merits to be. Thank you for sharing this!

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