9 Industrial Rustic Ideas that Will Transform your Living Room

Designers are constantly coming up with new interior designs, but rustic designs still maintain a strong influence in this realm. There are tons of rustic ideas to try, but perhaps the most interesting are industrial rustic ideas. Transforming industrial buildings or warehouses into liveable spaces has been a trend for a decade or so.

Visit several abandoned warehouses or industries; you might be surprised by the number of interior design ideas you can emulate. And the interesting thing about an industrial rustic living room is that it feels so effortless. The exposed bricks, steel light fixtures, white typographic prints, and concrete ceilings all come together to bring out that old-world charm.

How do you create the perfect industrial rustic living room?

1. Seek inspiration

Almost every design ever created was inspired by something. Follow the same path and look for inspiration. You could try Pinterest, Reddit, YouTube, or any other platform that could offer the needed inspiration. However, for a more hands-on feel, visit an old warehouse, industry, or manufacturing plant. You could also visit any of the restored warehouses or facilities that have been converted into living spaces.

2. Choose a colour scheme

The first thing that piques your interest when you enter a room is the colour. It serves as the background for everything else in the room. Areas like the living room, which tend to have guests should have warm colours. Everything else in the room will follow the same colour pallet. And since you are interested in industrial rustic designs, your colour scheme should comprise rich earth colours.

3. The Furniture

The furniture you choose becomes part of the decorating style. Each piece should feel minimalist but still have that bold appeal. Preferably pair wooden and metallic elements to bring out the rustic and industrial vibe.

Industrial furniture typical features raw, unfinished wood while the chairs and sofas have a leather finish. If you don’t prefer leather, opt for linen upholstered sofas, especially seats with steel nailheads.

4. Rugs 

Industrial rustic décor is limiting in terms of rug options. Anything that is too vibrant and chic will look awkward in the rustic setting. Opt for faded rugs or explore dark, blue, crimson red colour options.

5. Lighting 

There are tons of industrial lighting options, but the most popular is the use of industrial chandeliers. However, the biggest debate is whether vintage, old world-inspired lamps should be used instead of modern lamps.

Although lighting plays a critical role in décor, it’s often overlooked, especially in rustic styles. Use a single light fixture that will make a bold statement. You can also have a series of fixtures with mechanical components for a much softer approach.

6. Artistry 

Think of the room as a blank canvas and you as the artist. Let your creative side loose and create your art. It’s all about creating artwork that turns your brick walls into something worth noticing. If you can’t create your artwork, then buy some. It could be a mural, abstract painting, or hire an artist to handle the art for you.

Take advantage of the blank canvas and express your ideas using paint and power tools. Draw or write anything on the exposed bricks; it could be numbers, symbols, logos, etc.

7. Fabrics 

The living room has fabrics such as covers, carpets, and rugs. For an industrial rustic feel, you want to avoid loud prints instead opt for a faded look. However, you can mix up things with a few non-conventional touches by fusing finishes and fabrics. For example, you can have exposed rafters and grey-washed beams to accentuate the posh fabrics or modern tables dressed in vintage clothes.

8. Fine-tuned forms 

Instead of renovating the entire house, you can alter the key focal points such as walls and fireplaces, to match the desired décor. Refacing these focal points to suit your desired decors will ensure that the remaining parts of the room/house will maintain their modern look.

While at it, you can recycle or repurpose materials from the areas you are renovating. You can also scavenge for wood and metal structures from old abandoned factories or buildings that are earmarked for demolition.

Visit a lumberyard and purchase reclaimed timber or any other structural element that you might need for your rustic design.

9. Minimalist arrangements 

Rustic designs are better appreciated when each element of the design can be seen. Thus, opt for an arrangement that has fewer but noteworthy elements.



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  1. These are some fantastic rustic living room designs ideas. I particularly like the rooms that have a lot of colourful fabrics such as carpets and rugs matched with the rustic wood. The fabrics incorporate a refreshing feel to a place that would or else seem empty. I as well like fitting in earthy or organic elements to the whole thing as rustic designs still retain a strong effect in this jurisdiction.

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