9 Furniture Ideas to Make Your Kid’s Room Stand Out

Kids have big personalities and love beautifully decorated rooms. A great way to give their private space a facelift is to select exceptional furniture pieces that will increase the aesthetics and functionality of their rooms. Looking to jazz up your little one’s private corner? Here are nine furniture ideas to make your kid’s room cozy and functional:

1. Bank on the Wood

Wood, with its natural and chic appeal will make an excellent addition to a child’s room. Whether as a bed, stool, reading table, or everything in between, you can use wooden accents to create beautiful contrasts in your kid’s living space. Even wooden toys can add to the flair of their rooms, especially if you buy one that fits the kid’s personality.

2. Custom-Made Beds

The choice of beds in your kid’s living space can make a difference between comfort and long stays in the room and constant inconvenience. Depending on the number of children you have and their age, a single or bunk bed may do the trick.

Girls will love themed beds such as one with a Princess’ Castle rest and your boy may fall in love with a Thomas the Tank Engine themed bed. Whatever you do, don’t miss the chance to invest in a standout bed to make your kid’s room a special place.

3. Beautiful Bookcase

Besides serving as a place of rest, your kid’s bedroom is her private library. Make it convenient for her to read and learn in her room with a beautiful bookcase, preferably one made to match the decor. You can try one of Tylko’s custom-made bookcases to transform your child’s room into an aesthetically pleasing corner where she can learn at her own pace.

4. Give Them a Private Office

In the age of wanton entertainment via the internet, your kids need a private office space where they can escape from the constant barrage of instant gratification. This can be as simple as a wooden or plastic table and chair, an overhead book storage, and a reading light.

Make sure the office has no access to the television and other forms of distraction. Whenever your kid needs to do serious academic work or catch up on general learning activities, he will have somewhere to tune out the noise.

5. Storage Matters

Kids love stuff and parents know too well the feeling of trampling on teddy bears and Lego bricks while walking barefoot in the kids’ room. To avoid all the untidiness Junior makes with his toys and junk, give him a sizable storage to keep his things in order.

You can choose from wooden drawers, plastic chests, and bed compartments if you are space constrained. It is okay to ask your little one where they’d like to store their things. Check out these adorable Dibsies personalised toy storage solutions.

6. Get Creative with Gear Storage

We all love to hoard special gifts and toys as kids. Your children do too. Instead of the regular shelf and under-bed storage, you can go vintage by repurposing old shelves and boxes. We’ve seen great examples of locker-style bins in kids’ rooms and it really stood out from other furniture. If you are feeling creative, try rejigging your old stuff for your son’s school and play gear storage needs.

7. Multipurpose Coat Rack

A coat rack can be much more than that. Regardless of the material used to create the coat rack, you can use this simple furniture as a hanger for your child’s toys, art supplies, and many other things.

8. Get More from Your Dresser

Does your kid have a dressing table? You can sneak in some storage space in that piece of furniture to reduce the toys and clothing lying around the room. Choose a cool colour that creates a soothing ambience in the room while improving functionality. This beautiful dresser from Wayfair doubles as a desk.

9. Wall Storage

Considering that kid’s rooms feature a lot of artwork and gallery-like exhibitions, it’s difficult to get free wall space. But if you have even one free wall in the kids’ room, put it to good use with a wall storage.

You can check out varieties of beautiful wall storage designs from IKEA that will accentuate your child’ space perfectly. From the simple to the elaborate, you can choose varieties of  environment-friendly and beautiful wall storage products that will meet the needs of every kiddie’s room.


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  1. Hi, I am Brooke, and I find these ideas to be amazing! 😀 Honestly, the thought of creating a private office for kids has never crossed my mind. It is so brilliant and helpful, especially if kids want to catch up with their learning and other vital things. It is also the only way to keep them from TV and make them focus on a particular task. I am, however, thinking of using polished stainless steel chairs with leather upholstery to add glamour and comfort. That is because I find plastic and wood to be less comfy.

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