10 Decorating Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Decorating a home can be fun and exciting. It can also be difficult if you make costly decorating mistakes. From choosing accent pillows, selecting your drapes, to picking the right fabric and paint colour, a lot of things can go wrong when you are designing your home. To help you avoid these pitfalls, here are 10 common decorating mistakes and how to avoid them.

1. Choosing a Paint Colour Without Testing

A common decorating mistake many people make is to choose a particular paint colour without testing it. Paint colours behave differently based on the amount of natural light your home receives and how the illumination travels through your living space. To avoid choosing a paint that won’t blend with the rest of your interior decor, use different samples to paint squares on the wall. Wait for a minimum of 24 hours to see how the colours vary before selecting one. It is also important to select other decorative pieces before the paint colour.

2. Inadequate Lighting

Regardless of your decorating experience and creativity, you won’t achieve the best results if a room doesn’t get sufficient lighting. Inadequate light might be because of overreliance on overhead lighting or not including other forms of illumination. It is better to combine overhead, ambient, accent, and task lights at different levels throughout your rooms. This will bring out the beauty of other decorative features and make your space more inviting.

3. Sacrificing Style for Comfort

While shopping online and offline, the temptation to buy stylish furniture can be overpowering. When you have to choose between comfort and stylish designs, it is always better to go with the former. A beautiful chair or sofa might stand out in your living room, but you and your guests may opt for the floor rather than stand the discomfort. Before picking a beautiful piece, make sure it is comfortable.

4. Hanging Artwork Too High

Do you hang your wall art closer to the ceiling? It’s a mistake many people make, and it is often not the best way to position your artwork. The ideal height to hang your artwork depends on how tall you are. However, it’s best to place them at eye level or lower so people can see them easily without straining their neck.

5. Excessive Use of Furniture Covers

You might want to cover your furniture if the kids are likely to spill food on the sofa. However, you didn’t invest so much in quality furniture to conceal them. If there is a high risk of spills, it is better to buy stain-resistant or washable pieces rather than covering them up.

6. Pushing the Furniture to the Walls

You might be tempted to push your furniture pieces to the wall to create more space at the centre of the room. However, an empty middle makes your small room even more cramped. Allowing some breathing room near the walls can make your home feel more spacious. Rather than push every piece to the wall, leaving a little space can make your room airier.

7. Decorating with Too Many Small Frames

Arranging several small similar sized frames can provide the same results as using a single larger item. Sometimes, this doesn’t work, and it feels as if the artwork is floating on the wall instead of blending together. This can create distraction and make it difficult to appreciate the beauty of the pieces. Rather than hang only small art pieces, go for frames that will fill two-thirds of the wall space to create a sense of balance.

8. Overusing Pillows

Pillows can add a beautiful contrast to your sofa. They can also provide an additional cushion for your frame. However, too many pillows reduce the space left on the furniture. Instead of covering the whole sofa with pillows, place two or three strategically for optimal comfort and style.

9. Hunting for Cheap Pieces

Inexpensive furniture can seem like a great deal, but most do not last long. In fact, there is nothing wrong in buying cheap pieces if the item won’t be bearing a lot of weight for long periods. For sofas, chairs, and other pieces that will see constant use, you are better off getting the best you can afford.

10. Excessive Decoration

You may love collecting rare porcelain, vintage vases, and other beautiful pieces. This doesn’t mean you have to display all your collectibles at once. Doing that will add flair to your space but also make it cluttered. You want to keep your rooms beautiful and personal but avoid the decoration overdose.

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  1. I have made several mistakes in past decorations such as painting and curtains that are excessively short! I agree with all the errors in the post. They are the most common mistakes that we encounter in our daily decor. Likewise, it is significant to eradicate the clutters afore decorating since the decorations plus clutters will minge all together. Excellent blog, by the way, keep sharing more!

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